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Recently I opened up the SCOM Operations Manager Shell (from my desktop as I always do – I have the Provider loaded on my workstation) and was presented with an error telling me that I didn’t have permission to access the OpsMgr PowerShell. Obviously this was unexpected as this normally worked fine and I could log into the console without any trouble.
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If I had a dollar for every time I was asked “What’s the difference between a Rule and a Monitor” I’d have at least $7. In all seriousness though, Rules vs Monitors is a question that raises it’s head every time someone new enters the SCOM Arena.
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How can you get a list of SCOM Agentless Managed Computers using Windows PowerShell?


Computer                   :
LastModified               : 2/9/2011 10:54:49 AM
Path                       :
Name                       :
DisplayName                :
HealthState                : Success
PrincipalName              :
ComputerName               : Computer123
Domain                     : THESCOMLAB
IPAddress                  :
ProxyAgentPrincipalName    :
Id                         : 965295ae-e898-42ba-4e9b-3151e67ed547
ManagementGroup            : TheSCOMLab01
ManagementGroupId          : d92144f5-7a03-c034-df13-e64ac311af4d