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Today I had an agent with a heartbeat failure and in the Operations Manager Event Log there were 21006 error’s indicating that it couldn’t contact the Management Server. Firstly I wanted the check if this agent could contact the management server on port 5723. Unfortunately there were no telnet, portqry or network monitoring type tools or applications on this box. Naturally, it got me thinking about PowerShell.

So here’s a little function which you can use to test connectivity to any port, not just the SCOM agent one.

Test-Port ServerName 5723

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Today I was playing around with Hyper-V and needed to create an External¬†Virtual Network Switch. Here’s a sample bit of code showing how you can do this.

# Use Get-NetAdapter to find the name of your network adapters
$EthernetAdapter = Get-NetAdapter -Name “Local Area Connection”

# Name of the Virtual Network Switch
$VMNetworkSwitch = “External Lab” Read more

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about when SCOM shows open alerts in the console (with a warning or error condition), but the Health Explorer shows that the monitored object is actually Healthy¬†… you can find that post here.

In SCOM 2012, this has changed somewhat. For a start, the cmdlet name has changed to Resolve-SCOMAlert.

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