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Today I wanted to extract a list of each IE Favorite I’ve saved, along with the actual URL that it points to. Turns out it’s pretty easy. Here’s that code.


gci -path ([Environment]::GetFolderPath(“Favorites”)) -recurse | ? {$_.Length} | % {$_.BaseName; Get-Content $_.FullName -ea silentlycontinue | Select-String ^url=*| %{$_ -replace “^url=”,”” ;””}}


The output will list the name of each favorite, along with the actual URL.

In previous posts I talked about how you can get a list of Runbooks from your Orchestrator Server and how you can use PowerShell to trigger a Runbook by supplying only the name of a Runbook and not a GUID.

Today we’re going to see how we can get SCOM to trigger a Runbook as a recovery task to a Alert. For this example we’ll use the “Health Service HeartBeat Failure” monitor.┬áThe idea here is that when this alert is received, we’ll trigger our Runbook to try and fix this issue. There’s a fair bit involved, so let’s get started:


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