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A little while back we ran into a problem where a Web site would not undiscover after removing it from the IIS Server and the IIS guys were getting alerts for a Web Site that no longer existed! What should happen in a normal environment is that SCOM will detect that the site no longer exists and remove it from being monitored. In this particular case that wasn’t happening.

As I move through this blog post some of this information I’ll make specifically about an IIS Web Site but the SQL and PowerShell will all be the same process for pretty much any object that is not undiscovering even when the actual object no longer exists.

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Yesterday I was out on a client site as they are migrating their Operations Manager 2007 environment to OpsMgr 2012 R2 and the question was raised about migrating their notifications. As you probably are aware, ‘notifications’ comprise of a few components – subscriptions, subscribers and channels. Now this client has quite a few notifications built up and they weren’t keen on having to rebuild all of this in the new environment.

Well it’s actually a pretty simple process to migrate the existing ones.

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The steps for capturing SCOM ETL Trace are as follows:

  • Open an elevated command prompt and navigate to the SCOM installation folder and look for the tools folder. By default, it is C:\Program Files\System Center 2012\Operations Manager\Server\Tools
  • Execute “StopTracing.cmd”
  • Delete all the files under C:\Windows\Logs\OpsMgrTrace
  • Execute “StartTracing.cmd VER” to enable the verbose tracing. Note: VER should be in capitals as shown
  • Reproduce the issue that you’re experiencing.
  • Execute “StopTracing.cmd”
  • Execute “FormatTracing.cmd”

All the readable log files are under C:\windows\Logs\OpsMgrTrace. You might be able to traverse through these and locate the source of the problem you’re experiencing, but most likely you’ll be sending these off to Microsoft Support at their request.

Over recent months a client (with a SCOM 2007 environment) had noticed a lot of DataWarehouse errors. Problems inserting data into the warehouse, problems with performance data and maintenance mode data etc. Problems with data not being included in reports and so forth. So we were called in to take a look…let’s take a look at what we found.

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