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A while back (2014) I wrote and posted a SCOM Daily Health Check script. I would like to thank you all for the positive feedback, comments and suggestions that you provided me with. Soon…I’ll be giving back again with a new and improved version…and it’s considerably improved too!

So what’s coming in v2.0?

Well, a lot, but we’ll get to that soon when I publish it. But the main thing is, it looks a lot better (I hope you agree). Here’s a quick glance at what it looks like although that might change before release (I have a few different styles that I’m playing with…maybe I’ll release more than one).

SCOM Dashboard v2


I’ve also tried to put a bit of structure into the code so it’ll be easily adaptable if you wanted to turn this into a Management Pack specific Dashboard…like an Exchange or Lync one (which I may very well do myself anyway).

In the meantime if you guys have any suggestions or you’d like to see certain things in this script/dashboard please let me know and I’ll consider it.

Edit: An update to this, today I was working with a client and we were discussing Lync. So I decided to use the existing script and mock up a Dashboard based on the Key Health Indicators that Microsoft suggest (plus a few requested tweaks). Obviously the client uses SCOM so we’re already collecting some of the data that Microsoft suggest…anyway, here’s that report in white (the script will handle either color output).

Lync DashboardI’m still working on a few code changes so keep the feedback coming…I appreciate it.


EDIT: The script has been released: Enjoy 🙂