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Another video for you guys, this one talks about what configuration changes I like to do after SCOM is installed. Things like setting the Service Principle Names (SPN’s), sizing the databases and memory, compressing backups and setting the Maximum Degree of Parallelism for SQL Server. In addition we review heartbeat settings and set manually installed agents to be reviewed instead of rejected.

You can download it right here: 10-post-installation-configuration
















Something I am very passionate about is both monitoring using SCOM (Systems Center Operations Manager) and sharing knowledge…so with that in mind I am starting to produce some SCOM 2016 Training Videos that I hope will grow to be unlike any other SCOM course ever!

So what will we learn from these videos? Hopefully over time you all will learn a heck of a lot!!! The initial batch of training videos will cover how to install SCOM. But as time permits I plan to cover many, many topics and scenarios and hope that you, the SCOM Community responds in turn with your requests and I will do my best to produce training that people want. I have learned a lot about SCOM over many years of managing and supporting well over 100 different SCOM installations from different companies. Many I built, most I inherited, but no two are ever the same. So it’s this sort of experience that I hope to share with you so you can have the benefit of other people experiences.

You probably haven’t seen me blogging as much as I would like just lately because quite honestly, creating these videos is a lot of work. But here’s the start of them, hope you like them…but please do share your feedback with me, I would really appreciate that because I would prefer to produce videos that you guys actually want rather than what I think you need.

I have started with the assumption that there might be people downloading and watching my videos that have no experience with SCOM so I am going to start off slow and ramp up to the more advanced topics as I progress.

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