List all Management Packs in SCOM 2016

If you’d like to see a list of Management Packs you have installed on SCOM 2016 you have a few options.

Use the Operations Console

In SCOM 2016 the Management Pack list can be found under “Administration” then “Installed Management Packs” and you’ll see all of the Management Packs you have installed.

SCOM 2016 Console Installed Management Packs










What it won’t let you do though is extract a list of them But never fear, we have Windows PowerShell or a simply SQL Query that we can use.


Use Windows PowerShell

Open up the Operations Shell and type:


And you’ll get a list that way and being PowerShell you can now do whatever you like with the list.


Use a SQL Query

Another option is to query the Operations Database directly.

Use [OperationsManager]
SELECT MPName, MPFriendlyName, MPVersion, MPIsSealed
FROM ManagementPack WITH(NOLOCK)
Order BY MPName

And there you have a few ways to essentially do the same thing.



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