How to enable Agent Proxying for All Agents in a SCOM 2012 Environment

How can you enable agent proxying for all agents in a SCOM 2012 environment?

Well if you already have your agents installed, you can run the following PowerShell:

# Changing the Agent Proxy Settings via PowerShell
Get-SCOMAgent | where {$_.ProxyingEnabled.Value -eq $False} | Enable-SCOMAgentProxy


If you don’t have any agents installed but want to turn on Agent Proxying globally for all new agents, try this PowerShell:

# Load the old Snap-In, connect to the server and turn on Proxying
add-pssnapin “Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Client”
new-managementGroupConnection -ConnectionString:YOURMANGEMENTSERVERNAME
set-location “OperationsManagerMonitoring::”
Set-DefaultSetting -Name HealthService\ProxyingEnabled -Value True


If you’d like to know how many agents now have Agent Proxying enabled, try this PowerShell:

# How many agents have proxying enabled?
(Get-SCOMAgent | where {$_.ProxyingEnabled.Value -eq $True}).count


I should point out that you can also enable agent proxying for a single machine as well…In the console under the Administration pane, choose “Agent Managed”. Locate the agent, choose Properties and check this box. Again you could use PowerShell if you like.


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