Naming SCOM 2012 Resource Pools

A little bug to be aware of. I created a resource pool called “Unix & Linux Resource Pool”.

Unix & Linux







This was created in a brand new SCOM 2012 environment and within minutes, 3 of my Management Servers went grey!

Management Servers Gray









The Operations Manager event log on Management Server contained 2 events as shown below, a 1103 event detailing Rules/Monitors being unloaded…

Event 1103

















And an 11904 Event. Notice the 0xC00CEE2C…

Event 11904

















0xC00CEE2C means illegal name character…

illegal character




So, I renamed my Resource Pool, removing the Ampersand (&) character.

Unix and Linux







Waited a few minutes and those Management Servers went Green again.

Management Servers Fixed










So there you have it…a bug in SCOM 2012 SP1, it doesn’t like the Ampersand (&) Character being used in a Resource Pool name. Whilst I haven’t tested other characters, perhaps its best to stick with the regular alphabet 🙂



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