SCOM Exchange Server Dashboard v1.0

Quite a few of you have emailed me asking about this second dashboard design I’ve been working on. Well I’m happy to say, here it is and it works on all versions of SCOM. Just make sure that you have the Performance Collection Counters turned on in SCOM or the graphs and values will be blank.

This Dashboard is more designed to be displayed on an LCD and less like the report style dashboard I’ve released in the past. This one has been designed with Microsoft Exchange Server in mind but it can easily be turned into a SharePoint, SQL Server or Skype (Lync) style dashboard very, very quickly by changing the code (Instructions are included in a .doc file).

So here’s what it looks like:


I’ve made this code a little more modular and each of the above sections I’ve referred to as ‘Panels’. So there’s 11 of them and they work like this:

11 Panels

Included in the zip file is a set of instructions for modifying the code for your own purposes.

Any questions don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Download it here: Culham-Exchange-Dashboard






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