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If you want to find out what objects are currently in Maintenance Mode, here’s a nice bit of SQL Code you can use for just that. I’ve added a more useful English Reason than just the code because SCOM stores the code itself in the Database. It’s a lot easier in my opinion to identify the reason as server was put into maintenance that just code 8 or 9.

Here it is, enjoy.

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One of the hotly anticipated features of SCOM 2016 is the new Maintenance Mode updates, or more specifically…Maintenance Schedules as they are known…the ability schedule a maintenance in the future! Prior to SCOM 2016 we had to contend¬†with doing it manually, or scripting up a solution and triggering that via a scheduled task.

In the SCOM Console the first thing you’ll notice in the Monitoring¬†section is a new entry called “Maintenance Schedules”.











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